A ‘Southern Hemisphere First” Planetarium; a high tech Science Centre and the former Tamborine Mountain Observatory and Telescope. They form the core of an exciting new hub, focusing on the universe and space.

Visitors will learn about Life in the Universe or, more colloquially, ‘Are we alone?‘ plus space research and Indigenous Astronomy. TM Universe will provide a State-of-the-Art scientific experience, not only using the latest technology in projections and Virtual/Augmented Reality, but also in the unique structure of the Planetarium. The video below is taken at the only other Planetarium in the world using this technology, in South Korea.

TM Universe will be home to the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

The plans have been shown to major tourism businesses (incl. Gilmour Space), politicians and our local community: the feedback is very positive. The project has grown into a precinct that can have far reaching benefits in education, an experiential experience like no other on offer, connecting scientists/space/rockets/technology plus historical facts and the original Mountain telescope.

Thanks to the University of Southern Queensland (USQ), Mt. Kent, Gilmour Space, Brisbane Planetarium and other several stargazing organisations, astronomical and space research has a strong presence in South East Queensland. With the establishment of TM Universe South East Queensland will have its own unique center to give the public a unique experience with respect to astronomy and space research, accessible for young and old.

In the first stage, TM Universe will include:

  • an interpretive centre with interactive displays, as well as Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • a state-of-the-art planetarium using the latest technologies in projection
  • the rebuilt former TM Observatory, with the original TM telescope
  • stargazing events to be organised together with regional astronomers’ associations

After completing a solid business case, funding will be sought for capital investment, starting in 2020. When operational, generated revenue will sustain the venue with employed expert staff. 

The local community is very supportive, including active involvement of the local Chamber of Commerce. In 2018 TM Universe received over six thousand dollars in community donations, when the project was still hardly more than an idea. A nocturnal lunar eclipse event in July 2018 brought over one thousand people to the West cliff of the mountain, at 3am. 


In April 2017 Vanessa Stanley and her (now) late husband, the rocket scientist Dr. Ross Paul, donated the former TM telescope back to the community, after salvaging it from a storage shed years earlier. It was the biggest amateur telescope of the southern hemisphere.

Who are we? 

TM Universe is a registered, incorporated, not-for-profit organisation with charity status. Being based at the centre of the Gold Coast Hinterland, TM Universe will also function as a ‘must see’ destination in the whole of South East Queensland.

TM Universe will be organised as a Social Enterprise. In the start up, funds will be sought from the community, government, sponsorship, membership and philanthropy. As soon as the venue is up and running it will sustain itself without any external funding. The community will always be at the heart of the operation and despite making profits, all revenues will go   back into TM Universe.

Your Board (to be re-established at the AGM 24 October 2020):
President – Jaap Vogel
Treasurer – Elizabeth Downer
Secretary – Donna Foster
Member – Stuart Wright
Member – Vanessa Stanley
Member – Nigel Waistell
Member – Alison Rip

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