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Department and Indigenous community involved

At a special presentation on 16 September, not only our main regional political leaders were present, but also Rory O’Connor (Director of the Yugambeh Museum) and Jayce North, Senior Investment Officer of the Department of Innovation. They were informed about the cutting edge technology that will be used, and also enjoyed a Virtual Reality presentation by our Technical Director Sam Ghafari.

Sam Ghafari of TM Universe shows the Virtual Reality presentation to Rory O’Connor
Jayce North with Rory O’Connor and Jaap Vogel. Jon Krause and Alison Rip in the background

Politicians impressed

(16 Sep 2020) On Wed. 16 September Scott Buchholz (MP), Jon Krause (MP) and Councillors Derek Swanborough and Jeff McConnell were impressed with the significant progress the Board of TM Universe had made in the past year. Our Board asked for contributions towards the costs of finalising a ste of the art Business Plan of $ 10,000. We hope to receive positive response!

Our Councillors and Scott Buchholz listening to welcome to Country by Rory O’Connor
John Krause (MP) and several Board members

Life on Venus discovered?

Venus is not at the top of the list when thinking of life elsewhere in our Solar System. Compared to Earth, it’s a hellhole. With 96% of the atmosphere made up of carbon dioxide, it has experienced a runaway greenhouse effect. Surface temperatures are like those in a pizza oven – over 400C. Space probes that have landed on the planet have survived just minutes before breaking down.

Recently phosphine has been detected in the Venus atmosphere, 50 km above the surface. On Earth, phosphine is associated with life, with microbes living in the guts of animals like penguins, or in oxygen-poor environments such as swamps.

It’s an extraordinary possibility – the idea that living organisms are floating in the clouds of Planet Venus.

The universe has spoken, we need your help

The universe has spoken to us and nudged our orbit in a different direction – showing us another landing space for our 21st century planetarium – and  virtual reality and augmented reality interpretive centre which will focus on ‘Life in the Universe’, space research, education, history, and Indigenous Astronomy.

As many of you are aware the Qld Government decided that our plans met the zoning requirements of Crown land in the centre of the town, Doughty Park. However, after much consideration we are now looking at purchasing a block of land so that Council can never withdraw the lease and remove a 7-million-dollar project away from the community.

We can turn this idea from Virtual into Real Reality, but we need your help. How you ask? We need funding

The TM Universe science center will include three features:

  • State-of-the-art planetarium
  • An interpretive centre
  • Small telescope observatory


  • Parking / toilets
  • Shop / coffee
  • Cottages to rent to visiting scientists

Funding Options are:

  1. Build observatory to house the original telescope ‘Buy a Block’ @ $200
  2. Raise capital – a minimum of $5m will be needed
    Make a donation: coming soon!
  3. Buy a 4 acre block of land
    Be one of 8 investors assisting to purchase the ideal block @ $100,000 to be paid back (EFT to NAB, Tamborine Mountain Universe, BSB: 084835, Ac: 809754800)

Naming rights will be given to our major donors, investors and our Build a Block members will be on an Honours Board