INVEST NOW! We are in a race against time. An ideal block of land is for sale right now, but we need $ 800,000 to secure it.

We ask you to invest $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 or more. You will become co-owner of this asset. TM Universe will find the money to buy the land back from you within two year’s: no risk!

In the unlikely event we are unable to raise the capital. The co-owners will sell the block and split the profits amongst the investors proportionally.

The main goal is TO SECURE THE LAND.

TM Universe is a Social Enterprise, owned 100% by the TM Community, all profits to be reinvested in the project and local community.

To invest: call TM Universe president Jaap Vogel ( 0473-818908.

TM Universe legal advisor is Varro Clarke.